Monday, July 26, 2010

Borderland Gaming

In the near future, I'll begin posting regular content over at For the most part, I will put any Street Fighter related content on that site. I will probably continue updating this site with the same content and possibly some personal content as well, I'm not sure yet. Do people really want to hear about my personal life? Probably not.

Borderland Gaming is the primary competitive site for the new PC game Bloodline Champions. They are dedicated to the growth of the competitive gaming community, and have (wisely) added a Super Street Fighter 4 section to their site to further this goal. I will be contributing content to their site weekly, with particular emphasis on a technical breakdown of the game.

Thanks to them, I'll be traveling to every tournament around the country that I feasibly can. I've always wondered how far my skills would take me on the east coast, and now I'll get the opportunity to learn. This is a pivotal moment in my competitive career, and I intend to capitalize on it.

However, I need all of you to help me. Yes, you. Either on this site or over at, let me know what you'd like me to write about! I have some ideas for tutorial videos to make and articles to write about, but I'm heavily interested in what you'd like to hear. Sound off in the comments!