Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Juicebox Abel (Eric) Bio

My name's Eric. Most of you know me as the Juicebox Abel, or simply as Juicebox. I'm 21 years old, and I aspire to be the best Street Fighter player in the world.

My competitive career began with Super Smash Bros. Melee. I liked the game a lot, but my reaction time was very bad and I disliked the feel of high-level play; I didn't like the focus on movement as a primary strategy. Later on, I saw the infamous Daigo video on Youtube… Thus began my years-long foray into 3rd Strike, which is not a very good game for beginners. I played 3rd Strike from 2005-2009 as Makoto, but I never really achieved any notable success. Just scrub mashing at my arcade, really.

During that period, I also returned to Smash Bros. via Brawl, a game which I still like but I believe the community is dwindling (not to mention a little immature). I learned as I played Brawl that my TV lags, a bittersweet discovery that annoys me to this day (I own a CRT as well, now). I was decent at Brawl, winning some pocket change from my local community, but it never took off as a serious investment.

I had the good fortune to attend EVO 2008 as well as EVO 2009 during this period, and I caught my first glimpses of Alex Valle's legendary footsies, the humble yet foreboding Justin Wong, and the spectacle of the organized fighting game community. It was at those events that I learned the value of getting your ass whooped.

At EVO 2009, Street Fighter 4 was previewed to the American masses. The free play machines had a win cap of 7, and in that 3 day period I decided that I would pour more effort and time into SF4 than any other game. Ironically, I gained my nickname that day as well.

The rest is pretty straightforward. I slowly but surely gained ground on my local superiors (SaBrE), eventually getting to the point where I would get top 3 in every local tournament. Around the time of Devastation 2009, I began winning every single Arizona tournament. For now, I do my best to mentor the players here. I'm also focusing on attending every out-of-state tournament that I can by saving every penny from my full-time job.

My tournament placings (Losses):
Devastation 2009: 7th Place (John Choi, Ken I.)
EVO 2009: 13th place (UTJ, Sanford Kelly)
Level Up tournament: 5th Place (Combofiend, Combofiend)
Devastation 2010: 3rd Place (Marn, Alex Valle)

Street Fighter has been very good to me and I plan on doing this for years. Very few things make me as happy as Street Fighter does. If you love the competitive journey as much as I do, sound off with a comment.


  1. LOL @ Scumbag. Good job @ EVO man. Don't stop dancin'

  2. I'm a big fan man glad to see you did well at EVO this year! I saw that 41+ win streak you had at casuals before the semis, good stuff. I was gonna play you but the guy shut down the station right before me, haha.

    Hopefully with enough practice I'll be able to compete, and play against you one year.

  3. Nice showing at Evo. GL in Japan.

    Eff Drama

  4. Great stuff at Evo this year. I love watching your matches bro, always hype!

  5. Yo tear up evo this year will ya