Sunday, September 12, 2010

Never-Ending Pasta Bowl

Olive Garden is my new favorite place. At least for now.

I've started a new series of podcasts called "Juicy Bits"! They're delicious morsels of SSF4 that melt in your mind. Two episodes are available at, so please give them a listen and send me feedback! New episodes every Wednesday!

I've also been thinking about a female co-host. Send applications (and your feedback and ideas!) to

Justin Wong can't drive? Oh well, I can't either. No beef.
Street Fighter High: The Musical

Didn't like it. Dan was awesome, I can tell that he practiced in front of a mirror first. That dude went to drama class. Fuck yeah.

For everyone else: I'm happy that someone had the courage to try something like this. Now let's try not to embarrass ourselves, 'kay? It felt a bit like a poorly rehearsed high school performance. Somehow, I don't think the obvious parallel was intentional. I think they really wanted to put out something entertaining and memorable. It is indeed memorable.

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